Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Defy Genius!

So first let me start off with thankyou for all the support. I really appreciate it! For those of you who dont know I design blogs/logos, so hit me up if you need a new design. I have recently started an organization called Defy Genius. It basically means to go beyond whats expected. Dont limit yourself to the ordinary. So if you want to be apart dont hesitate to tell me. Anyone can join! Thats just a taste of Defy Genius. So heres where it gets even better. On my menu bar their will be a page called Defy Genius. If you copy&paste one of the icons I created(tell me what you think of icons and logo PLEASE!!) on your sidebar or wherever on your blog I will display an image of your blog with a link to it on the Defy Genius page. This will help you get more followers! Thats all for now. Look out for new things coming soon. Also be sure to look out for my man Jevons ,Valor Candy!

Ambition Icon/ Creativity Icon /Success Icon /Defy Genius Icon


  1. any time!I love your blog.

  2. I see that you've been checking out my website, so I decided that I would add one of your logo's to my webpage. You can check it out at
    Jay P of Jay Swag

  3. I appreciate it.

  4. Thanx for the comment and I love ur icons. Especially the ambitous one. That's why I added that one on the sidebar of my page. Hopefully mire ppl will join deffy genius from the blog!!!!

  5. like the icons ill definitely put one on my sidebar for u. i saw the comments on my blog and i just wanna tell u that i did follow ur blog about like a week ago. if oyu look at your followers box im in the 4th row. hope you cand follow my blog too.



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