Saturday, July 24, 2010

Check out these furniture designs. Its crazy! Tell me what you think of them! Also I will be taking a short break from webdesign. I'm working on new styles of design and will continue when its ready. I will still be blogging so keep following& supporting. Thanks! BILLIONDOLLARDESIGN

 Erik Griffioen (1976) designs with a powerful monumental beauty in mind. For him shape comes first, then material. His chairs and couches invite you to view them from all sides. As you walk around they seem to be changing their shape. Griffioen: ‘My work has to be exciting from every angle, have character, beauty and quality. And most of all: it has to be comfortable’.


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  2. you have a SICK layoutt dude .im really feelin the blog . i absolutely LOVE it.seems like you just started bloggin ?keep it up .it's really goood .:)
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  3. so you are an fashion music-ish too ? i love that you have the spirit. we should collab. @nileearls or

  4. very abstract

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    You left a message on my blog telling me to check out your blog and i think it is awesome and if you could help me with mine i realize you will be extremely busy but if you find the time to tell me ways of getting more people to follow me and if you could follow me as i am following also this furniture is so cool i want that chair lol

  8. thank for the comment on my girl. i got the design done by this girl named rebekah -



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