Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hey Guys! I know its been a long time. Sorry to those of you who used to follow my site daily, I was just real busy with other things but that's life for you. My new site is finally complete.{Billion Dollar Design Club}.YAY!!! So basically on this new site were going to have the same awesome blog posts as well as  custom design services(blog design/logo/icon/header/etc.) that I will be providing but also B.D.D.C  will  be a place where all you talented artists can showcase your graphic design work. This is a perfect chance for you to express your creativity for other to see and use. Simply email me your work and if its a Billion Dollar Design it will be initiated into B.D.D.C with credit to the designer and download availability for users. Well I guess that's it for now! If you remember I'm never satisfied so there's much more to come. Oh and if your interested in a custom design service, it is currently free for the first 10 people who follow my new site, Twitter and Facebook. Hurry Soon! Thanks Guys. I'm out.
-Jay Davis

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