Saturday, June 19, 2010

The $75 Future Computer

Designer Yves Behar imagines the future of One Laptop Per Child's educational computer for the developing world--the X0-3--as a minimalist slate of electronics that's practically all display. The touch screen's frame would be shrunk to a mere green rubber gasket. In fact, that new screen-focused form factor is just the beginning of OLPC's monstrous ambitions: It aims to make its tablet PC highly durable, all plastic, waterproof, half the thickness of an iPhone and use less than a watt of power, with an 8-gigaherz processor. The price: an unprecedented $75.


  1. That hella hot!Good price!Love your blog

  2. Do I have to pay?
    I'm still thinking about it.
    But do I have to pay?

  3. thats dope to the fullist follow me



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