Sunday, June 20, 2010

Any Designers essentials!

Behance Action Pad & Bamboo Pen/Touch
These products are a must have for any designer. No matter what you specialize in I gurantee this will improve the efficiency of your work. The best part about it is that the Action pad is only $8.00. The Bamboo Touch and pen lets you design anything you come up with just by sketching it on the tablet.

The Action Pad is part of Behance's Action Method product line, the first in a series of Behance projects to help creative professionals boost productivity and make ideas happen. Each page of the Action Pad contains four distinct zones that provide a flexible template to get the most out of meetings and everyday brainstorm sessions. The Pad is based on the Action Method which was designed to help you push projects forward by organizing your ideas and focusing on action steps. An accordion-style pamphlet on how to practice the Action Method is included with this product. Price:$8.00 .

Bamboo Pen & Touch combines the benefits of Multi-Touch with the comfort and precision of Wacom's ergonomically-designed pen. The result: a powerful new way to work with your computer. With Multi-Touch, you use simple hand gestures and finger taps on the tablet's surface. And because the active area is larger than traditional mobile devices and laptop trackpads, it's comfortable and natural to use. Easily move around your desktop, scroll through documents, navigate the web, zoom in and out of photos, and rotate images. Pick up the pressure-sensitive pen to edit photos, create personal greetings, make sketches, and mark up documents in your own handwriting. $100. Source:

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